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The Complete History of PPC Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Pay-Per-Click advertising has come a long way since its conception in 1996. Over the yearsPPC marketing has drastically changed, altering advertisers approach to online advertising. Back when the highest bidder was guaranteed the top ranking in the search results, it required a much different strategy than it would today. Now, most pay-per-click search engines use a combination of factors to determine ranking position. via IMI


History of PPC Advertising


What will the internet look like in 100 years? infographic

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No doubt everything will be connected and optimized. Our refrigerators will automatically toss our food and get everything delivered, by recipe, for our planned meals. Our cars will be driving themselves. I can only imagine some of us will even have volunteered to be wired full times – perhaps with devices implanted for recording our visual and audio as needed. We’ll have some kind of projection device to bring up our applications or messaging wherever we are – with audio and video streaming without issue. Perhaps fold-up or rolled-up displays will be in our backpacks.

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What Happens in Just ONE Minute on YouTube #infographic


YouTube is the third most trafficked website behind Google and Facebook, with at least 2,777,777 videos being viewed in just a minute. By Irfan Ahmad Social Media Today



Using Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence #infographic

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Infographic by: quicksprout



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