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#Infographic New versus Old Media Billionaires: Zuckerberg vs Murdoch

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Tweet We know that new media businesses are growing at a much faster pace than their old media counterparts. I thought it would be interesting to see just how this is affecting these wealthy businessmen in the media industry. How much faster did these new media billionaires make their money?[...]


#infographic – How Much Is Your Personal Information Worth?

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Tweet Spotted this on HubSpot. Interesting question! Ever heard of data brokers? They compile everything they can from your online and public record activity — from online survey information to social media posts to magazine subscriptions to credit card report headers — and sell that data to others. Via

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The Complete History of PPC Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Tweet Pay-Per-Click advertising has come a long way since its conception in 1996. Over the yearsPPC marketing has drastically changed, altering advertisers approach to online advertising. Back when the highest bidder was guaranteed the top ranking in the search results, it required a much different strategy than it would today. Now,[...]